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Welcome to sabi ENSO.

The new love child of Michelin star Chef Roger Asakil Joya.
In 2011 Roger was one of the Sabi Sushi founders and developed the high quality sushi that set the standards in our area Rogaland, in 2015 he finally realised his dream of opening a authentic sushi reataurant, Sabi Omakase.

His vision, heart and skills awarded him with a Michelin star.

A dine & drink experience

Besøk oss: Haakon VII gate 7, 4005 Stavanger

Roger spends much of his time away from the kitchen working with local divers and fishermen, seeking out fresh, regional and international produce.
By only using delicious, ethically sourced Norwegian fish, he can guarantee the very highest quality culinary experience.

” I see my work as a delicate art form; however i endeavour to keep the attention on the flavours
by keeping the presentation as pure and simplistic as possible”.

In 2021 Roger´s culinary journey continues with ENSO, a dining experience developed and tuned over many years of traveling, seeking new flavours and
working with some of the best chefs in the field. We do not like to brag, but Roger is also one of the few sushi chefs in Norway accredited by AJSA,
all Japan sushi association.

ENSO offers a unique four-in-one dine & drink experience.


chef Roger Joya
  • Sabi Enso Omakase by Roger A. Joya

Omakase bar 15 course set meny  1690,-


Wine pairing available 

Package.  1800,-



Separé 3 course set menus

Enso Ichi 445,- 

Usuzukuri sashimi starter Aurora salmon from Skjervøy with citrus sauce (gluten)

3 pieces nigiri halibut or hamachi, tuna akami (gluten free)

8 pieces ura maki tempura scampi from Skjervøy with mix fatty Salmon toro and tuna toro from the coast of Norway (gluten)


Separé 6 course set menus

Enso Ni   645,-

Sashimi starter

Aurora salmon from Skjervøy and halibut from Hjelmeland or hamachi with wild garlic or sabi japanenio sauce (gluten)

Tartar of kingcrabs from North Norway, scallops from Hitra, local shrimp Flekkefjord with Norwegian salmon roe and Ocietra caviar on top (gluten free)

3 pieces assorted Omakase nigiri

Special chef choice ura maki (ask for gluten allergi)

Tempura Salad scampi farm from Sirevåg with assorted locally farmed micro plant from kryddergården (gluten)

Season dessert.  (gluten, lactose)  

Wine pairing are available                 

  • Small wine package    750,- 


Separé 9 course set menus

Enso San retter 945,-

Miso soup traditionally Japanese miso with locally source shellfish. (gluten-free)

Sashimi starter Aurora salmon from Skjervøy  and halibut from Hjelmeland or hamachi with wild garlic and sitrus and sabi jalapeño  sauce. (gluten)

Shelfish mix tartar Kingcrab from North of Norway, mix with Hitra scallops, Flekkefjord shrimp with Norwegian salmon roe and Rossini caviar on top (gluten free)

3 pieces Omakase nigiri (gluten-free)

Tempura salad scampi farm from Sirevåg with assorted locally farmed micro plant, wasabi leaves from Island (gluten)

Japanese Dumplings Traditionally Japanese made dumpling with locally source ingredients (gluten)

Omakase set chefs meny change week by week (locally sashimi, oysters can be serve)

Traditionally grill robata  combination of cold saute (gluten)

Chef choice maki (ask chef on allergy)

Seasons dessert (gluten, lactose)

Wine pairing available
  • Small wine package    750,-
  • Big wine package        1050,-


ENSO Omakase by Roger – Is a culmination of Japanese flavours and Norwegian style. «Normae Sushi»
Serving up a delicious variety of sushi called Edomae in Japan, this time old method of sushi
making is one of the most revered in the world. Here you sit by the bar while Chef Roger and his collegues prepare the catch of the day in front of you. Would you like to experience the true historical hospitality combined with a unique dining experience?

Please note that ENSO Omakase by Roger is limited to 14 seats and we run a set seasonal menu.

Handcrafted high quality

extraordinary eating

ENSO separé – Here we invite you to enjoy our daily set menus in quiet shielded surroundings. Perfect for celebrations, romantic dates, business meetings or special occations with your loved ones.You can book a table for 2, 4, 6 or 8 persons. or book all table for 20 person. We offer a choice of three set menus, five set menus and eight set menus and we can guarantee you a extraordinary eating and drinking experience.

ENSO Separé opens every day at 17.00.

ENSO a la carte – Our izakaya style diner for your everyday sushi cravings.
Here you can enjoy barsnacks, small japanese dishes, traditional sushi and sticks with local meat and seafood, come try our traditional BentoBox, or get your own grill by ordering more the 6 sticks on the table and enjoy a variety of sticks, grilled to your perfection.

ENSO a la carte will soon open for lunch 11:00  and we also offer some of our menu as take-away.

traditional & authentic

extraordinary eating

ENSO Bar – Is your new park view hangout. We welcome you to enjoy freshy brewed  coffee, local refreshments, seasonal drinks, crafted cocktails and of course selected sushi dishes and snacks. We open ENSO Bar every day at 17.00. 
If the weather is nice, you can sit outside.

+47 940 00 357/ +47 474 78 047

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